Alexa skill “Othello King” (US version)


"Othello King" is an Othello game that you can play with two people. You can play on screen devices (APL compatible) such as EchoSpot and EchoShow. The rules are the same as ordinary Othello. The first turn is red and the second turn is blue. When it comes to your turn, you can change the square to your color by saying the square number.

Game rules (same as ordinary Othello)

・ You can put it on a square that can hold your opponent. (In “Othello King”, please say the number of the square you want to put.
・ The trapped squares will return to their own color ("Othello King" automatically reverses the colors)
・ If there is no place to pinch, it will be a pass (In "Othello King", check yourself for the place to pinch. If you pass, please declare the path instead of the number.)

"Othello King" has the following functions.

・ Reverse the sandwiched squares to your own color
・ Guid the next number color (NEXT field at the top of the screen, voice guidance)
・ You can pass by your turn (If you pass, it will be your opponent's turn)
・ Total number of squares of red and blue colors is totaled (at the bottom of the screen, TOTAL column)
・ You can't put it in a place where you can't pin the opponent's cell (you will be asked to rephrase it by voice guidance)
・ Can be reset during the game

"Speaking method"

・Invocation Name: king of board game
・ Say the number(x): x, number x
・ Pass: pass
・ Reset: reset, initialization, initialization
・ End the game: end
・ Suspend the game: stop